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for herndon?

There are two main reasons to work for Herndon Electric: 1) the experience, and 2) the experience. The first experience is that family atmosphere you feel. Many of our staff have happily worked here for decades. Everyone you work with cares—about you, and the job you do together. We make a point of hiring positive, stable employees with a strong work ethic. You won’t have to worry about someone else pulling their weight, or having your back. The answer to both is “yes”.

The other experience we’re talking about is the experience you’ll gain while earning good pay. You’ll acquire lifelong expertise and skills that you’ll hone while working with us. Even if you’re totally new to the electrical industry, we’ll teach you what you need to know, pairing you with a mentor where you’ll learn on the job. We’ll even assist with tuition reimbursement should you decide to take classes with an accredited trade program.

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Health and Dental Insurance coverage

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Paid Holidays

Safety and Attendance Incentive Pay

Employee Referral Bonus

Job listings

Check the link below to see if we have a specific opening that fits your skills and talents. Keep checking back—we add more job listings from time to time.